Top 6 seo pro tips Rank YouTube video 2021

Top 6 seo pro tips Rank YouTube video 2021

1.relates keyword It is the keyword that conveys thesame topic. Lets take an example , Suppose your video is on Topic “how to rank youtube videos on google” then related keywords that you can use are
:how to optimize youtube channel,google search youtube video, how to seo youtube video, google keywords for youtube etc. are the keywords which are closely related to the topic “how to rank youtube videos on google. 2.Title of the video Your title of the video should be in English and it should be the keyword itself is if possible, well you can add few words too after the keyword in your videos title. The keyword you should use is a Long Tail Keyword that conveys the perfect meaning that about what your video is, as I already have told about Long Tail Keywords at the above so I would not tell here again about that. As I said you can add few words more after keyword if you want, but make sure your title length should not be too long. It should have less than 20 words. 3.File name – First things first, before you upload your video and optimize it, ensure that the file and the title of the video match and that each word is separated by 0a hyphen. Your first bit of optimizing begins right here. 4.Video Description – You can write your video descriptions liberally as the description has to be written within 160 characters so that the video can show up in the search results. Start by adding a link to a website before your detailed description. Along with a large, informative description, add short text at the beginning of it. Include relevant keywords in the text. 5.Work to increase your viewership - This may be the most obvious way to increase your ranking, as more views equals more popularity for your video, which in turn leads to a better ranking. But so often, companies don’t take the steps to increase their own YouTube video views. Once you upload content, blast it out via your social media channels and embed on web pages. Consider a separate page just for wrapping text around one particular video. Give people other avenues to view your content on more than just a YouTube page. Including your YouTubevideo on multiple pages on your own website is a big help, but also consider utilizing the video in blogs or press releases.Remember, analytics are your friend. You can monitor the analytics on your YouTube videos and try to ascertain what works best and what content draws the most eyes. If a piece of content you upload picks up steam andyou’re not sure why, use analytics to help figure out where the views are coming from and conduct some research to see what topics are the most popular. That knowledge will come in handy in the future as you create more content.Don’t underestimate the importance of time watched, as well. No matter what the topic, the higher quality the video is,the longer people will be watching it and the better off your video will be in all ransettings . Be visually, geographically, and linguistically relevant. Provide a relevant still frame and relevant geographic and language settings .Know your viewer’s preferences. For that, your video will use a thumbnail that’s related and descriptive of your story, rather than a misplaced (albeit eye-catching) one. Your video’s language and geographic settings [Video Language&Video Location under Advanced Settings] should also be in line with your desired audience coverage. Use these 5 tips when you upload new videos to YouTube. These tips are also applicable for all your existing videos. Go to Video Manager in your YouTube account,find the video, and click “Edit”.