7 Easy Step Planting Lawn| Lawn Tip

7 Easy Step Planting Lawn| Lawn Tip

 Planting Lawn Process 

    Lawn wheelbarrow Garden 

 We've been working on a huge project as in my backyard and it's not looking so good right now we little get me started from the ground up so we are me weeding and adding soil then tilling then trenching then a sprinkler system and seed everything in between let's get started like always let's talk about.

Material list lawn backyard working Wheelbarrow 

  • Garden tiller 
  •  Shovel Rake
  •   Hammer wood stakes reciprocating saw a screwdriver with one screw some type of string spray-paint and definitely get A pair of gloves these aren't all the tools you need but it'll get you started low and behold my beautiful backyard it is just so inviting and enticing to everyone not so much as you can see this backyard needs a lot of work and it's been neglected for a while so let's get started.

7 Working Process 

  1. Lawn Backyard Edging Material And Base Making Process

Lawn Backyard 

          First step of this entire process is just getting the backyard cleaned up I'm using a rake to rake up all the loose debris then I'm going over the entire area with my garden tiller now this garden tiller actually does come in quite handy because all you have to do is place the tiller over the weed put a little pressure on it give a little twist and there you go loosens up the weed itself and allows you to pull it out much easier I prefer going through a large section with the garden tiller and loosen up all of the weeds then getting on my hands and knees and start pulling now the pulling aspect of weeds is it not fun at all it's as fun as pulling weeds yep that is why they say that in any case it is a necessary evil and you have to do it so get to it now once you have pulled all of your weeds I go through one last time with my rake and just clean up the area just to make sure we get all the necessary items out of the soil that we do not want in our final product now I know you are just watching a guy pull weeds which I'm sure is not very entertaining but in all reality this is the beauty of time lapse because this really took me all day long and in just two minutes you saw a backyard go from horribly disastrous to dirt and not to scare one but just the heads up you might be getting a few blisters you know that was a good one now on
2. Marking building wood retaining wall high spots area dumping the soil into the stake area process 
                               Day two we are going to be leveling out the backyard today and first off we are me taking our screwdriver and our screw and screw in it to the retaining wall I built and then attaching a string to that screw now I know all Backyard project are different but with my backyard I have a concrete patio as well as a wood retaining wall I've built earlier last summer and I'm trying to make sure everything is nice and level so I have attached that screw to the retaining wall about two inches up from the ground and then with the string and a little bit of help I am able to figure out exactly where are the low spots and where are the high spots I'm marking a line on the stakes in which I need to fill to and with the spray paint I am marking where the high spots are that I need to reduce down oh it is shoveling time so grab my shovel grab the wheelbarrow and started shoveling out and excavating all the high spot areas I'm then taking that soil and dumping it into the stake area in which I need to fill the low spots I'm basically just dumping the soil into the stake area and then figuring out exactly where my height needs to be and then I can start just raking over those areas and falling a nice little line that I made earlier now through all this fun excavation and leveling you might come across a nice large root which I did oh the treasures that we find now we do have to remove it is higher than the food that I wanted this is why I'm 15 the reciprocating saw cutting the strong end and then taking my shovel and shoveling out this route now this was a pain in the ass because of the fact that this route just kept on going but I'm glad I did it in respect because the fact that it needed to be done and guess what it's on. 

3. Lawn Shovelling Process 

Shoveling Tool

                        Day three yes oil and as a quick side note make sure you try and get this material as close to the job as possible because the fact that the closer it is the less distance you have to travel look at that beautiful black gold richness oh yes there you have it big pal shit right here I have it delivered there's plenty of stores specially a lot of planning stores around that actually do delivery for nominal cost compared to what would be to just pick up this amount make it easy on yourself now is the time to truly start shoveling if you do have any friends or any individuals that unfortunately have to help you do so now because the fact that this is a lot of shoveling now if you need a soil calculation sheet to know how much yardage you actually need talk to someone in your planning department or a look online and there are plethora of sheets out there I found the best tool to use when trying to level out this material is my trusty rake I use the fork side to actually move a large amount of the dirt around but then once I wanted a nice smooth finish I use the backside of it to go over the entire area and as a final note make sure you have at least three to four inches of topsoil over your existing substrate okay so I got really close to finishing but I did not get there quite I mean I got 14 yards and that's what I've left fuck you look you you pile of death and destruction and agony and pain dear goodness that was a long day at any case I got the vast majority of it done just have that little bit right there to finish up tomorrow you know we can take care of that tomorrow on.
 day four now we are finishing up will barring the rest of the soil and smoothing it out to a nice smooth finish and guess what Brent even has a little bit of help today and you know what just a little help makes this process a lot faster.

4. Fertilizer Basics: Organic Fertilizer, seed lime Ratio

Fertilizer Tool

                Now a few other items you have to pick up the store is obvious some seed some lime and some fertilizer I'm first applying the lime to the soil evenly I have approximately 2,000 square feet of yard and so one bag takes care of 2,000 square feet so perfect now once that's taken care of its time to broadcast your fertilizer I'm using this fertilizer and seed spreader which is perfect for this project and it just allows you to spread out fertilizer evenly and precisely now it doesn't have to be perfect because the fact that you're me telling this all together here shortly but you want to make sure it gets a nice even coverage and of course only the very best for my backyard so I got the extra heavy-duty tiller so make sure your switches on the on position and give a good crank and start tilling as a side note this tilling is not an easy job there's my first time I'm even a store and it's like the food of wild pit bulls or Dalmatians or ferocious bull dogs you know crazy those things are as you're telling you what to hold back the tiller this will allow the tiller to get into the soil deeper if you don't you might only be going over the first couple inches of the new topsoil but you want to till the existing soil as well as the new top so that you just applied it on today number five we are installing our new Rain Bird sprinkler system now a quick note I actually knew I was in being so on a system prior to pouring this slab on grade which is why I put a PVC pipe underneath so I could actually transfer the hose up to the hose bib now the first thing I wanted to do was figure out the placement of my sprinkler heads based on the directions I was able to anticipate exactly how far my sprinkler heads could travel and where I should be placing them I placed a string on the stick itself and it used spray paint to actually allow me to figure out exactly how far each sprinkler head would actually reach now time to start trenching this process is actually pretty easy at this point because the fact that the soil itself is so loose and you don't have to go down very far now Rainbird actually already came out with a great installation Article so I'm not going to go over this process in detail but a couple notes first off it's pretty difficult to get those pieces off in to position when cutting them so I'm actually using a heat gun to soften up and then installing the actual piece itself that makes it a lot easier once you complete all of your trenching installed all of your pipe and install your spec hoods why not try and test it out or if do is install and turn on the control panel just to help you guys out and there you have it look at that ace person that actually works well not quite you have to do some adjustments and at this point the front was a pretty happy camper so just singing in the rain.

5.Lawn Grass Seed putting ratio and feeding and Watring process

Grass seed

                Day 6 we army leveling out this backyard now and I put together this makeshift four by six piece of equipment in which I will be pulling it across the yard now this will help get up all the small little areas and items that we roughed up via the tiller or the sprinkler system and this was extremely helpful way more helpful than I thought it was so I would highly highly recommend you guys putting something like this together just makes a lot easier on yourself now once I was complete I went and picked up a lawn roller at my local equipment rental store was extremely cheap to actually rent and it was easy to use so I highly recommend getting one of these all you do is fill it up with water and start rolling now when empty this thing is probably only 15 pounds but one full of water it's over 200 pounds so it definitely makes a difference when you're doing your final compacting just watch out for those sprinkler heads and not trying to go over them with a 200-pound roller I want it over the entire yard a couple times in both directions just to make sure everything's flowing impacted and ready for seed now


        (Number of different species of grass that you can actually purchase depending on where you live and the climate you have it one might be better than the other but the vast majority of the mixtures out there have a mixture of different types of grass in it so keep that in mind.) 

6. Seed Quantity Per 1000 Square Foot

 When you're purchasing your Grass Seed the main and most important thing when applying seed to yard is making sure you have enough seed now you're going to be putting down a ton of seed way more than you think you need and the vast majority of people out there will say that you need 5 to 7 pounds of seed per 1000 square feet when you're done plant seed your backyard should look like this a lot of seed once you're going to plan your seat it's important to put a bit of soil on top of it one we do this because we don't want the seed to blow away if we have a bit of a windstorm into this traps moisture in so once you start watering your lawn this traps to moisture and allows the seed to germinate and once it germinates you don't want it to dry out because if it dries up it's dead and you're dead once all your soil is applied go ahead and take your rake and just do a once-over with it not a big intensive rake job just to try make sure that everything is evenly spread out and on a side note I must say I have some mighty fine moonwalking skills 
but don't say so myself once that is complete go ahead and go over once more with your lawn roller just to make sure everything is nice flattened and not going anywhere and you are done other than turning on that magical sprinkler system you just installed. 

7. Important Tips

   Make sure you're watering every morning and night as well as that during the day if it's extremely hot out and there you have it after a one-week you should have some type of growth as long as you keep it nice and moist and look at those cute little baby she'd range oh yes they're just so cute which they are and after two weeks you shaft something like this and look at that beautiful sexy beast there are a few bad spots but you know what those will fill in next couple weeks and there you have it episode number 8 of Beauty done good to go that was a really large project and hopefully you guys got a lot out of this article.