History of Volleyball 

So y'all may know the sport volleyball it's a pretty popular sport Anton love sport but do you know how it all that started it all start on


February 9 1985 in Springfield Massachusetts a man named William Jim Morgan designed a went to support as we all know today follow women was a graduate of the Springfield College of the line PA get the opportunity to develop interactive ash program with sport clubs for male belts yes it's where it was directed just her nails but look today most notes think it's attendance for and would be so as they played it anyways he got the idea of the sport for many other sports that were already created such as decimal baseball tennis and handball while interest from one man ol inch from each of those sports and combined into one from sport which was called Internet the sport between very popular and very quickly many people just put the sport for fun and at home but on July some 1896 L changed that was when the first competitive game of Internet was played at Springfield College mini players felt the name of the sport was silly so they decided to call the sport volleyball they said they would make four times to call it volleyball because was 14 B volume the ball back and forth over the net all the fun parts complain about the volleys be too heavy or too big because the ball was influenced by the basketball in 1900 William asked the company to make a special wall that was just right for the sport everyone loves the sport in the YMCA thought that it would be a good idea to spread to support to other places around the world Kenna was one of the first places at the YMCA introduced five volt in 1900 kiss in about five years volleyball is being played by a half of the world as you can tell a day I take long for volleyball to become a worldwide sport in 1907 volleyball was presented as one the most popular sports at the playground of America Convention as time passed the sport became more and more competitive so competitive the ymca invited the NCAA to help edit rules and to nails that helped promote the sport even more in 1960 at this point the sport wasn't just for male adult volleyball was added to school and college physical and national progress in about three years why do you change in edit rules while nothing has changed Susan also as the years passed people start adding more and more plays that you can make in the sport the Philippines were the first people to make a possible play or offensive style passing the ball they were the ones who created the set in spite play and they called a bomba or a kill as volleyball was becoming worldwide another version is working out which was sand volleyball the first hand volleyball game was played in 1930 it didn't take very long for that to become what you 1948 the first hands live alternate was played almost half a century later sand volleyball was introduced to your big don't think I forgot about regular indoor volleyball that was introduced in one place in 1964 in Tokyo even though volleyball was an Olympic sport they still didn't have any professional players until nineteen years after surprisingly many people just like playing volleyball not so much watching the professionals play in 1987 to a certain point bankrupt DJ's Eliza furniture and volleyball groups are much more interest in indoor volleyball soon the professional players started getting paid back sends their salary was nothing compared to their salaries today many rookies earn just up to eight thousand dollars as a player skills and valiant crew they may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars the very top players can earn over 1 million that's just for indoor volleyball in Panvel as well women often earn more than men the very top female players can earn over 2 million per year captain volleyball players both genders can expect to earn more than $300,000 in winning prize volleyball has affected people for many years in fact volleyball still affects people's lives today some people even play volleyball for a living we trained you as a sport so much cows people love the sport but very low percentage of them actually know the history of it nobody mystery of volleyball can actually be useful for volleyball players for the few people that know that volleyball was made up of many different sports they can practice the elements of those sports to help them be a better player maybe you're learning the history of things can actually be helpful later in life
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