How To Increase Vertical Jump 3 Exercise

How To Increase Vertical Jump 3 Exercise

I am amit gautam I am also volleyball player I write  article how to increase your varticle jump I tell you 3 important tips

How to improve your varticle jump 

Jump improve 3 important tips

what's going on guys it's Anthony Lugo

of the laws breed and this is three

exercises to increase your vertical part

two let's get after it before we get

started here's one thing you want to

remember perform each rep with power or

speed because with power speed comes

explosiveness and the more explosive you

are the higher your vertical will be now

let's get going

so our first exercise is a depth jump

this is a reaction movement that will

help any athlete whether it's going up

and grabbing a rebound spiking a

volleyball or grabbing a pass or

interception this will prepare you for

those in-game moments so first thing

you're going to get onto the top of the

elevated platform about a foot tall and

you're gonna drop down as soon as you

hit the floor you're gonna explode right

up jumping maximum height

now a different variation you can do

with the depth jump is jumping right on

top of apply metric box this next

exercise is one of my favorite for

explosiveness it's called a kneeling

jump and forcing you to drive through

your hips onto your feet this one's

simple to start on your knees drive

through your hips and explode onto your

feet landing in an athletic stance so

what you want to do is drop down near

your heels and swing upwards through

your hips upper body and arms don't help

yourself up it's a pop movement here are

a couple of different variations

kneeling jump into a vertical jump

kneeling jump into a broad jump and a

kneeling jump into a lateral bound now

this next exercise is maximum height

jumps now this could be back board

touches rib touches or dos whatever it

is that challenges you we're gonna be

touching that mark and giving it our all

now you can either do a vertical jump

one step jump for a three step jump take

your time with this exercise don't rush

in between reps you want to be able to

jump your highest every single rep

alright that wraps up three exercises to

increase your vertical part two now you

can do these exercises three times a

week giving yourself one rest day in

between each workday if you guys really

want to increase your vertical go to the

loss recom and check out our eight-week

jump program flight school users have

been having tremendous results but like

always guys to the lost breed it's a

family thing man
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