3 Ways Improvement Volleyball Skill

3 Ways Improvement Volleyball Skill

I tell you improvement method volleyball game skill. 

Top Ways Improvement Volleyball Skill

Creative amit volleyball 

Commonly people ask questions improve jump exercise volleyball player diet Libro, setter, Volleyball spikes Drill how to smash power full, How to Smash volleyball player in 3 meter Area. 

Q1. How to Power Full Hit In Volleyball? 

Good Morning Exercise 

The exercise coach

Ans. Upper body strength increase 
*3 Set Gap duration 2 minutes 30-2, 30-2 30
*Chin up up 3 sets gap duration 2 minutes 
*3 set sit ups Gap duration 2 minutes each set 30 sit ups 
Tip: you increase your exercise after 3 months 5 set 50 push ups, sit ups. 
Use wait exercise like bech press, Shoulder press.
Exercise for volleyball 

Q. How to Jump and Smash Near Attack Line. 

Ans: So this tachnique players use the bounce higher take stand jump (land on the same position u takeoff) near the net and tell to setter ball close to net then hit the ball on the top use your wrist u will have a good bounce and near attack line.
(net ke pas pas ball rakho jump kro ball ke upr wale hiss pr hit kro hatho ki klayi ko dhila rkho)
Q. How to Improve Body Movement 

Ans. 100 meter sprint 5 times variation type of jump exercise daily.
Q: Which is the best volleyball for outdoor 
Ans: 1 spartan 
2. Cosco 
3 nivia
 How to improve volleyball jump click here https://www.ytdevolper.co/2020/07/how-to-increase-vertical-jumb-3-exercise.html