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La Fitness offers high-intensity interval training classes at certain renovated clubs for a separate fee, incorporating heart rate monitors by Myzone.

LA fitness Club Tour
Founder -  Chin Yi (1983) 
Clubs in United States and Canada - 800
      Headquarter - Irvine, California 

LA Fitness Club Services Tour

comfortable lounge area where you can relax with friends before or after a workout.

Selectrorized Equipment –  Art machines for any muscle group. area designated for stretching and body weight exercises.

Some of the equipment you’ll find here includes stability balls, medicine balls, and foam rollers.

 Cardio Euipment including bikes, treadmills, Ellipticals, step machines,and more. Inside cycling room you’ll find dozens of bikes ready to make you sweat.

Cardio equipment
Cardio Equipment 

 LA fitness club offer cycle classes almost every single
Inside of spacious group fitness room
offer a variety of group formats including
  • Zumba 
  • Yoga 
  • Bodywork
La Fitness Club provides weight room, which has everything you need to need to lift From plate loaded equipment  dumbbells to barbells. 
basketball court whichi s open for free play every single day. It can also double as a volleyball court. Down the hall for both male and female
locker rooms to accommodate changing, showering, storing your belongings while you workout.
Club have pool Used to host Aqua Fit classes, our pools also
feature 3 lanes for lap swimming.
Every LA Fitness is a little bit different
so call your local club today and schedule a personal tour.

La Fitness Memebershib Query 

1. Membership cost

The membership costs $24.99/month per person for the LA Fitness Premier Multi-Club membership.

 1. It cannot be payroll deducted.
 2. You will have access to all “LA Fitness” branded clubs.
3.You will not be charged an initiation fee. 4.You will have to pay the first month’s and the last month’s membership fee when you register.

 Q: What services are available at an additional cost?

Ans: These services are available at an additional cost:
1.  Kids Klub service (requires separate agreement)
2. Personal training services (requires separate agreement)
3. Towel service
4. League access
 5. Juice bar

add adult family members to my membership?
Ans: Yes. There are two ways you can add adult family members (14 years of age or older) to your membership.

1. You choose “Guest privileges” during the online registration process for an additional  $20.00/month. This allows the primary member to bring two guests each visit. If the guests choose to attend the facility without the primary member, the guests must purchase an individual membership at $24.99.

2. You can add up to three (3) adult family members at the rate of $24.99/month per person and no initiation fee. Family members must live at the same address as the employee and family memberships must be paid for with the same account as the employee membership.

 La Fitness Locations

  •  In Troy Hills Shopping Center 1159 US-46
  •  In Menifee Town Center 29737 Antelope Rd
  • In SmartCentres Burlington North 3011 Apple by Line
  • In East Parking Deck 22327 Moross Rd
  •  10167 186 St NW
  • 8864 US-64
  •  In Hollywood Blvd Peterson Bldg7021 Hollywood Blvd 
  • In Ballard Blocks
  • 1416 NW Ballard Way
  • 1400 NW Northrup St
  • In the Mill Creek Town Center15024 Main n 
  • Linden Centre 13340 79th St Ste B
  • In Brighton Village
  • 1101 Silver Lake Rd NW
  • In ipark Norwalk
  • 761 Main Ave 
  • MARKETPLACE Center 1500 Bald Hill Rd
  • Sunrise Village 0515 156th St E
  • The Walpole Mall 20 Providence Hwy
  • 10574 Workout Way
  • Town Brook haven 755 Brookhaven Ave NE
  • In Raceway market centre 9030 Rock ville RD
  • 452 Lakehurst Rd
  • 4015 Shore Dr
  • 11752 Cumberland Rd
  • 6160 N Keystone Ave
  • Highland Hill Shopping Center 5915 6th Ave
  • 540 N State Rd 135
  • Cool Creek Village 2744 E 146th St
  • 371 Highland Ave
  • Westchester's Ridge Hill 77 Cole Street Spc 1290
  • National Gateway 3550 S Clark St4700 Marburg Ave. 


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