Mario the most well-known video game character on this planet and probably the next however how did he change throughout the years when it comes to use design story and gameplay.

History of Super Mario 

Evolution of Super Mario

well oh let's find out Mario's adventure began somewhere in the early 1980s because of the failure of the radar scope in North America this was an early cabinet arcade game developed and published by Nintendo in December 1979 back then arcades were extremely popular especially in America the game they created was a shooter that can be viewed as a cross between Taito space invaders and Namco's Galaxian two of the most popular arcade games it was released in three types of cabinets upright cockpit and c ocktail however it failed and is considered to be a commercial flop as well Nintendo's then president requested Miyamoto's aid in converting unsold radio scope units into something that would sell well he came up with a concept of a love triangle and decided to make a game based on the Popeye character this was a cartoon character created by elzie Crisler Segar who first appeared in The Daily King Features comic strip symbol theater on January 17 1929 and pop I became the strip's title in later years however Miyamoto was denied the rights for the Popeye franchise so he decided to come up with a new idea using his own characters for use in his arcade game Donkey Kong he created a character named Jumpman who previously went on their other names such as mr. video and originally oh son the Japanese term for middle aged man he gave the character this iconic look the color for the overalls and shirts were a specific color in order to make the arms more visible as well as a cap and mustache as harem mouths were impossible to animate on the arcade system and so the character that would transform into the iconic Mario was born in the year in 1981 now from here on he was seen in more arcade games like Donkey Kong jr. and during the development the Jumpman character was renamed to mario because an employee at a Nintendo of America's office pointed out the similar physical appearances between Jumpman and Nintendo's Italian landlord Mario Siegel if you compare the two there you can see that they kind of look alike especially in the hand-drawn artworks of the game was later on confirmed but you get a Miyamoto during a promotional video for Super Mario maker which celebrates Mario's 30th anniversary while initially designed as a carpenter after an employee noted that he looked more like a plumber his occupation was changed and Mario Bros soon followed no after this Mario was seen in some spin-off stuff like The Game & Watch handheld console games however the only important one that came out before his Super Mario Bros game was a game named Mario Bros this was the first time in the history of the character that he got his own series and it was an arcade game that released in 1983 only Mario's looks were taken from the earlier titles and this time around Mario is a plumber working in the sewers of New York and fighting an endless number of creatures such as shell creepers and side steppers so finally it was established that he was a plumber this together with the name is what made the ordinary jump man into the Mario we know and love Nintendo has never given the franchise a lot of story so this is where it started and also ended sadly enough in the game Mario can jump against the ceiling of a platform from below to stun all enemies walking above it when Mario approaches to stunned enemies he kicks the enemies out of the screen rendering them defeated now this game created the base for the next one in line Super Mario Bros there were already elements of platforming and we also saw this in the Donkey Kong arcade games they were even interactive since you had to use them to defeat the enemies and besides that the baddies in this game also made a return look at the koopa troopa once and you know what I mean even the coins and the pipes that could transport you around or in the game and it would become a huge element in Super Mario Bros so with a lot of the general game mechanics ideas and objects set in place they eventually began developing.

Super Mario Bros a game that would change the industry this is the first game where Mario's portrayed living in the Mushroom Kingdom and has never changed the objective was simple rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser the king of the Koopas now back in those days the story and overall objectives were as simplistic as they can get the only way to tell the players something was tech the hardware in that period wasn't strong enough to create any detailed cutscenes and cartridges couldn't hold a lot of data so it wouldn't have fit anyway so if you wanted to know more about the setting and story of the game you grabbed the included booklets now this wasn't the first game ever to do platforming oh no another Nintendo game was first the donkey kong arcade game so technically mario wasn't the first platforming character in history this game is just building on the concept now one of the new powers Mario God was stomping they put this in the game so you could at least take out the enemies and besides that they also added some other features Mario could interact with to make it a bit more interesting and dynamic but some were taken from other games for example power-ups and coins from jumping against question blocks and brick blocks now coins were seen in Mario Bros and that's probably where they got the idea from however I have no idea if the blocks were an original concept but I have to say they were brilliant especially the ones with a question mark on them they always had a random effects which made it extremely exciting other things like finding secrets or even the new power-ups were first seen in other games like pac-man and the movement in a game from left to right which is known as side-scrolling and became a standard for the series was first seen in a game called jump bug so clearly they took a lot of inspiration from other releases in the industry while new power-ups and moves were introduced throughout the series there is no real deviation from the basic formula seen in this game Mario's basic appearance is unchanged and his personality remains unwritten so this game created a base for the entire franchise however the second game did things completely different but that's also because it's not really a Mario game the story of
Super Mario Bros 2 is based on the Japanese game yo Makua doki doki panick and features too surprising a man of exposition they went from one to two pages of story in the booklet which is quite a big step for a Mario game since the story is not important in these games at all and you even get some storytelling at the beginning of the game in the four texts however there wasn't any character development at all so the only purpose it serves is explaining the player why they're doing all of this not a gameplay also changed because you can choose this time around there are a total of four heroes Mario Luigi toad and peach in contrast to the other characters Mario's well-balanced with no special abilities overall we still have the same gameplay mechanics however there are some differences here and there enemies can no longer be defeated by stomping them and Mario gains the power to pick up enemies lift them over his head and throw them this is something he never really did and was also not seen again in any of the main series Mario games now is this a better mechanic than stomping the enemies well in my opinion no because there's one thing disability can do give you height normally when you stomp someone you get a little height boost this way you can get higher up by for example jumping or flying enemies when you pick them up you can't really do this so while it's a cool concept it would also destroy the pacing of a lot of levels you can't jump from enemy to enemy which slows it down and besides that in some levels there are enemies that will damage you if you jump on them so if you go too fast and don't pay attention you will be hit however in Super Mario Bros 2 this gameplay aspect also doesn't work so in my opinion it's better to have Mario stomp instead of picking them up and throwing them luckily enough the stomp ability returns in the next game.
Super Mario Bros 3 is a textbook example of how to make a Mario game it went back to his roots and expanded upon them a super mario bros free after Bowser has invaded again Mario and Luigi traveled through eight kingdoms in which the kings have been transformed into different creatures by the seven Koopalings eventually Princess Toadstool skipped nuts but the Mario Brothers save her from Bowser in the dark land now this game introduced a lot of new power-ups aside from the Fire Flower including super Leafs tanuki suits frog suits and Goomba shoes he also encounters new enemies such as swamps dry bones and these two changes made the game less linear and added a lot of new and different gameplay elements and another reason why Nintendo added more power-ups was to counter these enemies since there were a lot of new and powerful ones added so Mario needed some extra tricks in order to stand a chance against them and they could use this to make the levels more interesting for the players as well for example the Frog suit which makes swimming a lot easier but in pizzas movement on land drastically so you have a clear advantage in one department but a disadvantage in another so you need to think about when to use this and not a good one it's a tanooki suit or p-wing these allow it to fly for a bit which can be incredibly handy to find secrets they also change the gameplay one way or another and make the game a lot more dynamic this together with the new enemies where the biggest changes for the player because the story is still bland and his moveset didn't really change besides that Mario can now pick up certain blocks but only ice blocks and they don't do a whole lot with it after this Nintendo made a game for one specific console the Gameboy and this game was
Super Mario Land Mario travels to Sir Russell and to rescue the lands princess named Daisy from the alien tatanga so the overall story is quite different from the previous games Princess Peach is not even seen in it it's more of an adventure to save a different princess in a weird new and foreign land almost everything seen in the game has never appeared in the series before so it was certainly a big surprise for everyone Mario's powers in the game are limited to the Super Ball Mario in which you can shoot balls that ricochet off walls as well as the marine pop which is a submarine and the sky pop which is a helicopter each in a special auto scrolling level and when he finally rescues Princess Daisy Mario's kissed by her and the two fly off in a spaceship clearly this game went into a different direction than the ones that came before auto scrolling stages are normally not seen in the franchise it's a fun twist though and changes the game's pacing so it certainly adds more variety and makes it less bland however it didn't have an impact on the series the enemies bosses features an overall setting never returned but this is also because it wasn't made by the usual super mario team and the head developer of the game ended up leaving the company shortly after this title now the next game did some interesting things as well I'm talking about:
Super Mario World the story of the game is yet again the same just a different setting however this game introduced Yoshi as a sidekick character to Mario which affected the game immensely you can ride Yoshi's and by doing this you can get new powers adding a whole new layer to the game now besides this they also made another big change Mario has a second jump button for a different kind the spin jump with this Super Mario can destroy rotating blocks from above or jump off Yoshi's back and he can also use it to avoid certain obstacles or defeat foes this new ability together with Yoshi made a huge impact on the game yet again mostly on the level design Mario had all kinds of new abilities and soda levels had to keep that in mind but the castles were off limits for Yoshi which is a bit of a shame since they could have used him in the boss fights which would have been a cool concept with the spin jump you could also do all kinds of insane tricks and even use it to get out of harm's way you can use this move from certain enemies which you normally cannot jump on such as spiny sand chainsaws you don't take any damage and you even gain a lot of height from the jump clearly this had quite a big impact on the game all of a sudden something that is a threat could be used to your advantage if you do it right Yoshi also gave Mario some interesting options for example giving a boost in height which helped with finding certain secrets however Mario also got a new powerup which is the evolution of the P wing and tanooki suit the cape feather it allows him to take off from the ground and stay in the air for quite a while however it's easier to control and way more versatile yet again a good way to hide secrets higher up and make the sky a part of the level which is a great way of using the space and quite creative this completely builds on the original concept and did a great job doing so the P balloon was also added it's seen as some levels but overall it's quite rare this could have been an element taken from Super Mario Land and the items effect is to make whoever picks it up swell up like a balloon causing them to hover in the air they will gradually float upwards if not moved by the player but are capable of moving in any direction for a limited amount of time Mario will start to puff in and out when the item is about to wear off and when it does so he will return to normal size and drop out of the air this powerup turns the game into some sort of auto scrolling flying section which presents its own challenges at the very least it does something new and fun because it's not the same as in Super Mario Land now you just fly around for a section and need to dodge all kinds of obstacles a fun challenge and change of pace no an old ability also makes a return Mario can use grab blocks and throw them at enemies or obstacles so - picking up and throw mechanic from Super Mario Bros 2 is back however it's more useful now and not censored around enemies it could be used for puzzles and even to unlock certain areas by pushing a P button it makes the player think in a platformer which is an interesting concept normally it was all about jumping and platforming but with this they introduced puzzles you can even use them in creative ways for example you can kill enemies with them now of course the Mario Brothers defeat the Koopalings in their castles rescue to captured Yoshi eggs and the feed bar in the valley of Bowser rescuing toadstool and take her to Yoshi's Island to continue her vacation after this the Super Mario Land series made a return yet again this time with six golden coins here a new antagonist to Mario named Wario is introduced the villain usurps Mario's Castle while Mario rescues Princess Daisy in sarasaland the players objective here is to regain control of Mario's castle so all of a sudden we find out that mario has his own land and castle which is quite surprising apparently he has more than we thought and now it's all at stake so the motive this time is also quite interesting since you're doing it for yourself and not someone else Mario gains more power-ups this time like the carrots which transforms him into a bunny which allows him to slow his descent or have him hover this makes platforming a bit easier since you have more time to adjust your jump or dodge an enemy in the air not a classic fire form has a slightly different appearance this time around he now wears a small Feder on this cap and it's unknown what it changed this however did most likely add a disk so you could actually see that Mario had the power up this was extremely hard to see in the first game so that could be a reason after this the series kind of disappeared well Mario disappeared the villain Wario was used as the main protagonist from this point onward now they also made a second:
Super Mario World 2 game however Mario wasn't the main character anymore because she oh she took his place that's because this game explains a lot about Mario's origin so he is finally getting a more interesting story this game tells the story of Mario shortly after his birth at the beginning of the game historic is delivering newborn baby mario and baby luigi to their parents but chemic predicting that the brothers will cause problems for Bowser in the future attempts to capture distortion babies but doesn't get his hands on Mario despite being safe from chemic he starts to fall eventually landing on the nearby islands on the back of a Yoshi he then brings Baby Mario back to his village where they decide to help him in saving his brother so Luigi and Mario are truly brothers and they even have real human parents at the end of the game after chemic and baby Bowser's defeat and baby Luigi's rescue they are brought to their real mother and father so they were also raised by them but how did they end up in a Mushroom Kingdom and what happens to their parents well we don't know this game explains some things but also creates new questions now at this point Mario was the true king of video games this was the height of Mario's popularity and if you look at the sales chart once you could see that however after this period things changed quite Lots the 2d pixel era was over and a new format was born 3d the hardware became powerful enough to create a whole new type of world where you could move in every direction imaginable this changed almost everything 90% of the old mechanics and concepts created in the 2d era don't work anymore for example the bullet bills and can balls that would normally fly all around the map in straight lines in Sudi you would have to really dodge them but now you can go around them which makes it a lot easier to avoid when they're flying straight and believe me this isn't the only thing almost everything in the series had to be changed or completely redesigned to function the first ever

3D Super Mario Games

3d Mario game was Super Mario 64 here our heroes invited to have a cake with Princess Peach at her castle but he finds the castle taken over and Peach kidnapped by Bowser when he arrives there in order to save Princess Peach Mario has to collect the castles power starts to advance further and defeat Bowser the level design was completely changed and turned more into an open world where there are individual objectives that you have to complete there's no map with stages anymore instead there's a hub world with a set number of worlds with all kinds of different environments filled with these stars that you had to collect now not only the enemies and the levels had a redesign Mario himself also went through a couple of changes his standard moves would be too basic for 3d and with this new world they also had a lot more movement options so they redesigned him brought into a 3-dimensional world Mario gains a large variety of new moves he can jump in multiple ways now besides the basic jump jumping from a standstill while crouching results in a backward somersault crouching from a run then jumping gives a long jump Mario can jump higher through consecutive jumps in a row also known as triple jump a sight somersault can be performed by quickly changing direction and wall kicks were introduced allowing Mario to gain height by jumping off a wall more offensive options are also available he can punch kick slide attack and used a ground pound well he can also crawl on their low barriers clearly this had a huge impact on the levels themselves since all of a sudden Mario could pull off all kinds of complex moves so all the objectives and platforming challenges also became more complicated and the player also got a lot more freedom you could obtain the stars in a game in multiple ways because of the new moves you got just look at an average speed run off the game and the fun thing is these moves were also seen in another game long before this one came out a Donkey Kong game the demo at the very start of the game on the menu screen shows off Mario's move set and here you can see a lot of things there were later put in Super Mario 64 for example the triple jump and side flip so it could be that they have been thinking about this stuff for quite some time certainly interesting power-ups also changed quite Lots they can now be gained by collecting caps from exclamation mark blocks red ones give win caps green ones give metal caps and blue ones give vanish caps these are temporary however and do not fulfill the traditional role of power-ups in giving Mario additional hit points instead a health meter is introduced for the first time since Super Mario Bros 2 yet again a huge change Mario takes damage not only from enemy hits but also from falling from great heights and from time spent underwater the meter is primarily refilled by collecting coins but air bubbles underwater or swimming on the water surface also replenishes it the reason what it changed this was most likely because of the two new challenges they added to the levels the small water sections and the insane heights for these new obstacles in the game they had to come up with a new way to punish you otherwise you could fall over and over again without any consequence except for the setback and stay in the water forever without any urgency so they decided to add in damage however if you could only take a maximum of three hearts before dying then it would be over rather quick this is probably the moment they decided to put in the meter again or when they created the water sections themselves since its functions has both a breath and health meter the last big thing that changed it more for fun than anything else Mario can lose his normal cap where a pony takes greater amounts of damage until he retrieves it this isn't a huge factor in the game but with wind and big open space being a factor now they probably put this in that's a fun touch and it's certainly a good one now besides all the things we discussed there are many other little details that changed and added however they didn't affect Mario himself that much everything in the world was built around his new powers and move that's what made a difference however Nintendo got some fierce competition PlayStation proved to form quite a challenge a Nintendo didn't do as well from this point onward Super Mario World sold more than 20 million copies as Super Mario 64 only around 12 still a huge amount but a lot less than before and this trend would continue now after this Nintendo continued with the free formula however they made some huge changes yet again in his new adventure named:
Super Mario Sunshine or hero peach and toadsworth travel to the tropical islands of Isle Delfino to have a vacation however upon arriving on the Delfino airstrip they noticed some type of goop is covering half the area Mario responding to their request for help discovers flood and with his help destroys the polluted piranha and goop generator cleaning the airstrip however the police arrests him and takes him to jail on the main island he's then placed on trial against the citizens of I adore phyno represented by P on site Ernie during the trial the attorney explains that Aldo Fino is covered in goop by an unknown entity though descriptions from various anonymous eyewitnesses have suggested that mario has vandalized Isle Delfino in the end Mario sentenced to clean the island of the GUP as community service before leaving while returning the islands power by collecting shine sprites the island source of sunlight this is the first ever mario game where there is an actual story sure Mario games always had a bit of an explanation about what happened to give you a reason to help peach however a Nintendo never went into depth it's interesting to see this and in some ways a good thing it makes the game feel more meaningful however the game is still kind of simple in terms of story and they didn't really work on Mario's character which is a shame the world design is still similar to the previous game however the platforming has changed because mario has new moves they removed most jumping punching and kicking abilities of the previous game replaced them with floods power you can now spray water at enemies and clear graffiti expansion nozzles for flood can make you hover in the air for a short while make you run at a turbo speed or rock it high into the air although you can hold only one expansion nuzzle at a time besides that you can also write yoshi's an overall he function it's the same as floods since he can also spray water now this changed gameplay in a lot of ways the expansions were used to do certain challenges or to open blocked off paths everything was built around this and some things were adjusted because otherwise it would be too easy they also added secret levels here shadow Mario takes flood away from Mario leaving him only with his basic jumping abilities and the crown pounds to beat the stage so to introduce the tool that you could use in normal levels to complete all kinds of challenges and the secret levels are there to give the player some fun and normal super mario 64 style platforming personally I like this combo a lot since it gives you a fun and diverse range of stuff to do in the game it was certainly very different from the previous game however one good addition almost everyone agrees on is the camera controls the new console called the Gamecube had two analog sticks so you could finally control the camera freely which was a huge improvement over the set camera modes in the last game after these three games Nintendo decided to go back to an old formula that always worked for them that classic 2d after 13 and a half years mario finally went back to his side-scrolling roots all that song Nintendo was too busy with the 3d games new super mario bros depicts mario in the similar plot line and game designs as Super Mario Bros the beginning of the game shows Mario and Princess Peach taking a walk outside of her castle when both see lightning hit the castle startling them Mario quickly runs off to check its while Peach stays behind and is the skip nap by Bowser jr. so we go back to the simple story side-scrolling 2d levels and world map with individual levels but this time with a modern approach when it comes to your normal moves you get a new one triple jumps which allows you to get higher up and opens the door to more platforming options the traditional super mushroom and Fire Flower return but the power-ups also include further sides changing effects induced by the mega mushroom and the mini mushroom the mega version lets Mario grow to a giant size being able to crush all enemy and obstacles like pipes while the mini version has Mario shrink to a tiny size which gives him access to small pipes not a one that makes you with giant doesn't really have a purpose it's only there as a fun overpowered upgrades the player can have some fun with and if you destroy enough stuff you even get one UPS however it doesn't last long but the one that makes you tiny does have a use and actually change its gameplay for a longer time it gives you the ability to enter tiny warp pipes perform floaty jumps and run across water due to your light weight unfortunately one hit will cause Mario to lose a life and ground pounds are required to damage enemies and bosses all of a sudden Mario handles differently and you have to become harder to hit but if you do get hits it's over right away it changes the gameplay to an extent and thanks to this you need to think about your strategy which is always a good thing since it makes the game less bland besides there's not a whole lot changed since he mostly stayed the same compared to the older 2d games however in the next game they would go back to the 3d formula once again this time on the Nintendo Wii that had motion controls so yeah some things changed :
Super Mario Glaxy Star with Mario's invitation to the store festive all by peach Mario comes along of course and takes peach blah blah blah the story of Mario games are horrible and they never really change a bit disappointing after all the events at the start of the game Mario ends up in space now this is where it gets interesting most of the jumping mechanics present in Super Mario 64 such as long jumps somersaults and triple jumps return however there are some new powers like the star spin which replaces Mario sponge cake and slide offensive moves from Super Mario 64 so all of a sudden three moves are gone and you gained a new one however is the spin just as used for us those separate ones well not really the star spin makes you go higher and deal damage to enemies besides that you can also use it to get in launch stars however some things are impossible anymore for example running and then going over into a slide to take out an enemy doesn't work anymore so it limits you in some ways while also helping you in others and besides that you have to deal with motion controls now luckily enough it didn't have a huge impact on the game so overall people didn't really complain about it now they also introduced a Wii pointer which can be controlled independently from Mario and with it you can shoot enemies or grab star bits these star bits are the new collectables in a game a bit like the coins but a lot more useful now since you can unlock stuff with it Mario can also find new sets of temporary power-ups that aid him in completing levels such as the bee mushroom ice flower red star rainbow star and fire flower clearly quite a lot changed here Mario is moveset is now made for the low gravity space setting and motion controls are integrated into it of course all of this was also put in the levels which made the galaxies amazing and it even combines 2d and 3d sections besides that gravity is extremely important in this game you mostly play around with it using the motion controls and star spin move but besides that it didn't add anything to Mario he still looks and acts the same mostly he did have a big roll at the end of the story though thanks to him and Bowser a black hole was created that destroyed the universe and created a completely new one Mario and the other is then awakened in a restored world near Peach's castle he takes time adjusting to this new world around him before happily embracing it no this is quite deep and an interesting twist for a Mario game he had an actual impact on the world but why wouldn't intend o do this well it's actually quite easy it's a setup for a sequel which we saw three years later on the exact same console but still it made for an epic and impressive ending so good job Nintendo now besides these 3d games Nintendo also continued their new super mario bros series so both 2d and 3d games came out at once in the n64 in GameCube days they only released 3d ones which was a bit sad since the 2d formula was still amazing and a lot of people wanted more of that but now in the wii era they finally listened and started producing both in the next game their release was a 2-d game called NNew Super Mario Bros Wii this one was a huge hit it's one of the best-selling games in the entire series Mario's role on basic abilities in this game remained the same as its predecessor although there are a few added power-ups such as the propeller mushroom and penguin suit yet again the story is extremely basic which is disappointing to be honest but Mario isn't about that after all however when it comes to the gameplay they didn't change a whole lot and that problem only became bigger from this point onward this game is almost exactly the same as the first new super mario bros game the only thing they added was the new power-ups and some new levels and bosses besides that all the elements in the game aren't really new and Mario stayed the same after this they went back to the 3d games a sequel to be more precise super Mario Glaxy 2 however there are some changes in this one Mario isn't as involved in the story this time around which is a bit of a bummer since the last game had such a grand ending aside from additional power-ups in the addition of Yoshi the gameplay is still identical to the first Super Mario Galaxy game however the return of Yoshi an extremely beloved character in the series is quite a big thing and especially in this setting but yet again all the new things they added have been seen in previous Mario games before a Nintendo wasn't as creative with these games it all became a bit dull sure another adventure in space was a lot of fun but it wasn't anything new really just more of the same so creatively it became a bit stale however in the next game:
Super Mario 3D Land  they did something quite cool actually this was the first ever 3d Super Mario game on the handheld console this was never done before and it turned out to be a great game he uses several classic power-ups notably that's a new key suit from Super Mario Bros 3 so this is a bit of a throwback as well during the adventure Mario battles several old and new enemies including boom-boom and pom-pom while running through the worlds Mario receives letters from Princess Peach to learn about her situation and also encounters Bowser's imposters throughout the adventure Mario fights Bowser at his castle activating the switch on the other side of the bridge and sending Bowser into the lava a lot of these elements were seen in previous 2d and 3d Mario games but this time they build on it and everything looks a million times better Nintendo started to do that a lot with the later Mario games repeating the classic formula over and over again those games are great but they never really tried anything new or something that could surprise a fan of the franchise this started after the first Galaxy game and this would continue for quite some time however every now and then something truly new would be introduced for example :
 New Super Mario Bros 2 where the focus of the game kind of shifts here coins are literally everything gold Mario as well as the gold flower are introduced as Mario's newest form he can now throw fireballs which transform solid objects into golden coins for him to collect and you try to get as many as possible now these round pieces of gold have always been in the series however this is the first game to put an extreme focus on them even making Mario out of it there's also another mode in a game based around this concept called coin rush here Mario must collect as many coins as possible in three random courses within the time limits and without dying once there are some time clocks scattered throughout the course which gives you extra time while Mario also gets more time by hitting checkpoint flags reaching the top of the flagpole doubles Mario's coin count and defeating enemies is called Mario or after a gold ring is triggered Awards additional coins clearly a big focus on coin related challenges which is a fun twist since they never put any specific focus on them in any of the games now it also introduced something that makes the game a lot easier the white racoon Mario powerup a form obtainable from invincibility leaves gotten from assist blocks this form gives Mario all the power in the world and all the abilities of racoon Mario now this was added for the extreme casuals this thing makes the game multiple times easier and gives Mario insane power this is for the players who aren't good at the game at all but still want to join in in the game after this new super mario bros you they added some things but not a whole lot he gets a new form flying squirrel mario and with this he can glide and cling to walls while the upgraded PE acorn allows him to fly in in Italy these seem to be the modern an upgraded version of the P wing and raccoon leaf why did it this is unknown because it's kind of unnecessary they could have just used the older ones but apparently they wanted to change it a bit and in the next game they also added almost nothing in  Super Mario 3d world she gets a Super Bell as a new powerup which transforms him into cat Mario it's a pretty fun powerup and allows you to attack a maneuver around more efficiently they also incorporated it in the levels in a fun way some of the collectibles require you to look around an explorer using your new abilities which is always a fun challenge but nothing new really overall the later half of the wii 3ds and WiiU era were a bit disappointing when it comes to new developments in the series they're mostly stuck to things that worked in the past and the overall Mario formula still those games were a ton of fun but they didn't try any new experiences but all of this changed with the arrival of an extremely weird Mario game one that nobody expected:
 Super Mario Odyssey  in this game a lot of the classic Mario elements have been thrown out of the window and one of the biggest being power-ups in the game his cap is replaced by copy and Mario can throw him in one of his moves as well as use him to control various characters enemies and objects this piece of cloth is now your way of gaining power-ups this time around Mario can become almost every enemy and things seen in the game it completely changes how you look at your surroundings since some stuff could be used to get past an obstacle besides that it also gives you a lot of freedom since you can solve problems multiple ways this is such a cool and creative power that makes everything more simplistic and opens a lot of doors at the same time appearance-wise Mario seems to have a similar design to the one seen in Super Mario 3d World and he appears to be much smaller in height than the other humans as seen in new dog city so now we finally know that yes there are actually humans besides his parents and Mario is tiny this game changed a lot of the classic Mario formula and we'll probably have a lasting impact because it's extremely good so people that's it the entire history and evolution of the moustache man himself in the main series.