Volleyball India Team List 2021

 India volleyball team   Today we will give you the list of current players of volleyball India team 2021 and will give you data related to hight weight dob ​​of players in this article and your query related to volleyball will also be answered in this article. Volleyball India team list will be given to you. How many players are there in 2021 volleyball, the information about current india volleyball team captain will be found in this article.

Volleyball India team player list 2021

No. player name D.O.B height
1. pankaj sharma 5-08-1993 195 cm
2. Ajithlal chandran 15-07-2021 193 cm
3. Anup d,costa 7-01-1993 191 cm
4. Vinit kumar 25-02-1991 197 cm
5. Sinha deepesh kumar 20-05-1993 199 cm
6. Jerome vinith 26-06-1992 198 cm
7. Ukkrapandian 15-05-1986 188 cm
8. Ashwal Rai 2-02-1993 202 cm
9. Karthik ash 24-01-1995 195 cm

FAQ Volleyball

  • Q1- Indian Volleyball team captain name ? 
  • Ans- Vinit kumar currently captain of 2021 india men's national  team . He currently played Assam team.
  • Q2- Who is the no.1 volleyball player in india ?
  • Ans- In present time India Volleyball team has no. 1 volleyball player ajitlal chandran, he is called the king of varticle jump and ajith lal is also known as hydrogen boy, volleyball India team has made a different identity on the international label due to his coming to the team.
  • Q3- What is the rank of India volleyball team ?
  • Ans- According to FIVB World Ranking, the ranking of India volleyball team is 77th.
  • Q4- Who the current player of  indian volleyball with highest hight?
  • Ans- Ashwal rai's height is highest in current india volleyball team, his height is 202 cm.
  • Q5- Which country best in volleyball
  • FIVB World Ranking - The best volleyball team in the world according to men's ranking is brazil. Brazil team has achieved a lot of achievements in its name, Brazil team has won the title of world championship many times in volleyball.

Conclusion Today we have given you the list of India volleyball player 2021 in this article and given the answers to the FAQ related to volleyball, we have created a poll who is your best player in India volleyball team, vote for your favorite player.

Who is your Best player in volleyball india 2021

Pankaj sharma
Ajithlal chandran
Anup d, Costa
Vinit kumar
Sinha Deepesh Kumar
Midhun Kumar
Jerome Vinith Charles
Ashwal Rai
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Volleyball india team list 2021

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