Volleyball Net Height | According Age, events

The rules of volleyball are made by FIVB, the international organization of volleyball, according to which the height of volleyball net is kept according to gender, age and events.

 In volleyball game, at what height the net will be set, many factors have to be seen, such as whether the player is male or female and what is his age.

 There are different events in volleyball such as indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, setting volleyball, and according to the tournament age, today we will give you complete information about how high the net is placed in which event.

Volleyball net height men's indoor volleyball

  • Men's volleyball indoor net height 17-54 years 2.43 meter.
  • Male volleyball indoor net height 10 year and under 2.13 meter.
  • Men's volleyball net height 13 to 14 year's old 2.24 meter.

Volleyball net height of women's indoor volleyball 

  • Women's volleyball indoor net height 17 to under 44 year old 2.38 meter.
  •  Female volleyball indoor net height under 10 year old 1.98 meter.
  • female volleyball indoor net height 11 to 12 years old 2.13 meter.
  • Women's volleyball indoor net height above 45 year old 2.19 meter.

Sitting volleyball net height

Volleyball net height of male sitting volleyball 1.15 meter.

Sitting Volleyball net height of female 1.05 meter.

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