The volleylball team of Kerala state is considered to be the strongest team in India, Kerala is considered the king of volleyball in the South.

 Kerala state has given many international players to India. Be it senior national or junior national youth games, whatever volleyball events are held in India, the team of Kerala has always had a great performance in them.

The list of current Kerala team is being given to you in this post, which is currently playing volleyball players in Kerala's team.

Kerala Volleyball team player name

  1. Ajith lal Chandran (reciver)
  2. Akhin Jas (Middle Blocker)
  3. Mujeeb (Middle Blocker)
  4. Shon T Jhon (Reciver)
  5. Rahul (Reciver)
  6. Anu James (Reciver)
  7. Jerome Vineeth (Universal)
  8. Mishab P (Universal)
  9. Muthu swamy (Setter)
  10. Jithin M (setter)
  11. Mohammad Iqbal M (Middle Blocker)
  12. Ratheesh S.K (Libero)