guru Prashant is a player of the prime volleyball league. Who is playing for the team of Hyderabad Hawks in 2022. Due to his good performance, his name is in discussions. He is only 21 years old young volleyball player of India.

Guru Prashant Volleyball Player biography

Guru -prashant

guru prashanth tamilnadu is best universal volleyball player. This player started playing volleyball at the age of 10.

 Guru's father was also a volleyball, he knew that fitness is very important in volleyball. 

His father also got Prashant taekwondo coaching during his schooling so that he could prepare himself mentally and physically for the game of volleyball.

 He has said in an interview that in the initial days his coach Mr. was chakkravarthy. He initially coached volleyball to Guru Prashant.

When he was 14 years old, his coach got him enrolled in SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu. 

There he got coaching from his role model mr. dakshinamoorthy. Guru Prashant had said about this that he himself got this coaching. 

He is fortunate to have such a great coach who inspires him a lot while teaching him the game of volleyball everyday.

Prime volleyball league player guru Prashant

Position - Universal

Guru Prashant height - 195 cm 

Spike Height - 350 cm 

Block height - 335 cm 

Guru Prashant age - 21 year 

Guru Prashant Volleyball Player achievement

  • Prime volleyball league player 
  • 1 junior india
  • 3 khelo india
  • 3 all india University