Men's Volleyball Net Height indoor and sitting volleyball.

 Volleyball is played between two teams. A volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide.

 A net is placed in the center of the volleyball court. Net is levied at the national or international level as per the rules made by FIVB. FIVB is the international federation of volleyball. Which sets the rules of volleyball.

Men's Volleyball Net Height indoor 


The net serves as a barrier in volleyball, where the barrier is placed in the middle by dividing the area between the two teams conducting the match.

  • The width of a volleyball net is 1 meter.
  • The distance between the volleyball net pole with the edge on the volleyball court is approximately 0.5 - 1 m.
  • Height of Volleyball pole above 15 year old men's 2.55 meter

Men's indoor Volleyball net Height in meter - 2.43 meter.

Men's indoor Volleyball net Height in feet - 7 feet 11 inches.

volleyball net height The net height has been determined by usa official training guide for different age groups, you can see in the table below.

Age group meter feet/inches
Male under 10 years  2.13  7'0"
13 to 14 years old male  2.24  7'4"
15  years old above male   2.43  7'11

Men's Sitting Volleyball Net Height 

Sitting Volleyball game is made for the disabled people. This game is played sitting on the court. This sport is played in the Paralympics.

Sitting Volleyball men's net in meter - 1.15 meter.

Sitting Volleyball men's net Height in feet - 3 feet 9.28 Inches.