Pritpal Phagwara Biography, height,age,family

 pritpal Phagwara At this time in India the number 1 wrestler of clay wrestling.

 Today we will give you complete information about pritpal phagwara's biography, pritpal's height and pritpal phagwara's age, family.

Pritpal Phagwara Biography 

Pritpal Phagwara belongs to the state of Punjab.

 Pritpal Phagwara was born in village Jagatpur jattan district Kapurthala. 

In Pritpal, the big wrestlers have been defeated in the mud riot.

Pritpal Phagwara age : 24 years 

Pritpal Phagwara date of birth : 12-12-1998

Pritpal Phagwara height : 5 foot 10 inch 

Pritpal Phagwara

About Pritpal Phagwara family -  Pritpal Phagwara's father's name is Chandrapal, mother's name is Charanjit Kaur.
Pritpal's father used to do a government job, he had to leave his job and come to Phagwara. 
He has one brother and one sister. Pritpal is the youngest among his siblings. His brother lives in Canada. They are not married yet.

 Pritpal's father also used to do some wrestling. Seeing his father, Pritpal Phagwara got interested in wrestling. His father started wrestling Pritpal from the 5th class itself.

pritpal phagwara wrestling life

Pritpal Phagwara started taking training in rpd wrestling academy in the initial days. There his mentor pr Shodi became pr Sodhi, who taught him the stakes in the early days. 

Apart from this, Bahu wrestler Harinder Dhillon is also the mentor of Pritpal, who is still with Pritpal in every riot.

 Harinder Dhillon also takes care of the time table of Pritpal Phagwara's food and drink. Preetpal is a big fan of Rohit Patel Laddu in clay wrestling.

Pritpal wrestled for the number 1 addition with Baniya Jammu which he won in points. After which his name became very big in mud wrestling. 

Preetpal has won a lot of car jeepe bullet motorcycle gold chains in Dangal.

 He won the title of Punjab Kesari at Anadpur Sahib in 2019. 

Won bronze medal in 123kg.

 He has also won the title of Yeh Punjab Kumar and Senior Punjab.

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