Turkey Women's Volleyball Team Player 2022

We will tell you in detail about turkey Nation  women's volleyball team player name 2022 and Turkey women's volleyball team captain 2022 through this post.

Turkey's women's volleyball team is a very great team, according to the world ranking, Turkey's women's team is in 6th place. 

The way the team has been performing recently, it seems that very soon this team will be able to achieve great success.

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Turkey women's volleyball team players name list 2022

Turkey nation women's volleyball team player name list is as follows

No. player name D.O.B height
1. Beyza Arıcı 1995-07-27 193cm
2. Simge Şebnem Aköz1991-04-23168cm
3. Ebrar Karakurt 2000-01-17 197cm
4. Saliha Şahin 1998-11-05 185cm
5. Sıla Çalışkan 1996-12-16 183cm
6. Meryem Boz 1988-03-02 190cm
7. Derya Cebecioğlu 2000-10-24 182cm
8. Ayça Aykaç 1996-02-27 176cm
9. Bahar Akbay 1998-01-21 196cm
10. Zehra Güneş 1999-07-07 197cm
11. Ilkin Aydın 2000-01-05 183cm
12. Meliha Ismailoğlu 1993-09-17 188cm

Turkey women's volleyball team captain 2022 

The captain of the turkey women's Volleyball team is zehra Güneş in 2022. 

zehra Güneş is also the tallest player in Turkey's women's team, zehra Güneş is ranked 122 among female players from all over the world. 

This turkey plays the middle blocker on the women's team. 

Zehra Güneş  turkey women's  Volleyball team captain Statics 

Player name Zehra Güneş
Birth place Kartal, İstanbul, Turkey
Height  197 cm
Weight 88 kg
D.O.B 1999-07-07
Spike height 319 cm
Block height 310 cm
Position Middle Blocker

FAQ about turkey women's volleyball team 2022

Q1 Turkey women's national Volleyball team FIVB ranking 

Ans: According to the ranking of FIVB, the Turkish women's team is ranked 6th in 2022.

Q2 who is the best player turkey women's team

Ans : Turkey women's team's best player is zehra Güneş. Zehra Güneş is also the captain of the team. In the team, she plays the role of a middle blocker.

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