Top 10 Volleyball tournament in india

 Volleyball game is slowly becoming very popular in India and many volleyball tournaments are now being organized in India so that the volleyball game can be promoted.

Earlier, cricket was broadcast on television, now this trend is changing, to promote the game of volleyball, leagues like Prime Volleyball are being organized in India, which are telecast live on television. Now a curiosity has arisen in the people towards the game of volleyball.

With the advent of the internet revolution in India, thousands of volleyball channels have also been created on YouTube, matches from small labels to big labels are reaching the people through YouTube. Due to which many young people are getting attracted towards the game of volleyball.

The first youtube channel of volleyball game is creative amit Volleyball which was created in 2017 in which small level game of volleyball was shown, let's know top 10 volleyball tournament in india.

Top 10 famous volleyball tournament Organize in India 

  • Pro volleyball league 
  • Senior National Volleyball game
  • Youth national Volleyball game 
  • Inter university volleyball game
  • School national Volleyball game
  • Ys Parmar volleyball tournament Himachal Pradesh
  • Kanuwal Volleyball tournament punjab 
  • Khel mahakumbh Volleyball tournament
  • Khelo India Volleyball tournament 
  • Fidration cup 

Pro volleyball league Volleyball tournament

Prime Volleyball League started in India in 2019. Team's of 7 franchises take part in this, it is India's biggest volleyball tournament, in which players are auctioned and talented players of India are selected in it. 

This league lasts for 30 to 40 days. In this 5 sets of 15-15 points are played. In Prime Volleyball League, good players come after recovering, they have a golden opportunity to shape their future, Prime Volleyball League gives them a golden opportunity. 

Prime Volleyball leagues team's 
Chennai Blitz.
Kochi Blue Spikers.
Kolkata Thunderbolts.
Calicut Heroes.
Bengaluru Torpedoes.
Hyderabad Black Hawks.
Ahmedabad Defenders.

Senior National Volleyball game's

In senior National Volleyball games, all the talented players of India play for their state. Senior National Championship is participated by all the state team of India. Players of all age groups can participate in this, they have to come through the process selected by the state and get selected as a volleyball player for their state. From this competition senior India team is selected. 

Senior National In 2022 games which were 70th senior national games Haryana Volleyball team has won gold medal and silver medal railway volleyball team and bronze medal service volleyball team got Tamil Nadu team at number 4th.

Youth national Volleyball tournament

Young players below 22 years can participate in the youth volleyball tournament, in which all the state team's are invited.

Inter university volleyball tournament

In the inter university volleyball games, all the colleges which are in India can take part, first their competition is organized in the state, then they get selected and play for their state.

School national Volleyball tournament

This tournament is for the school players. School competitions are organized in volleyball. In which children below 19 years can participate, children first play on the block label then dist. And then after getting selected in the state games, then the talented players, they take part in the school national tournament for their state.

Ys Parmar volleyball tournament Himachal Pradesh

ys Parmar volleyball tournament is organized in Himachal Pradesh. This tournament is organized in the memory of respected ys Parmar ji, the CM of Himachal Pradesh, in which the best team of North India is called. In 2022, this tournament was organized in Shandol Kangra district, in which Haryana's volleyball team was the winner.

Kanuwal Volleyball tournament punjab

kanuwal Volleyball tournament is held at kanuwal place in punjab state, in which India's top 8 team's participate which are called by invitation, in 2022 this tournament has been won by bpcl kerala team.

Khel mahakumbh Volleyball tournament

Khel mahakumbh Volleyball tournament has been started by the Sports Minister of India to encourage sports, in which players of only one panchayat can play from one team, all the expenditure is from the sports budget of India.

Khelo India Volleyball tournament

Khelo India Volleyball Tournament is organized by the Government of India to promote the game. In this, the sportspersons performing well are provided free education and free volleyball training and food accommodation in the Sports Ministry of India by the Ministry of Sports.

Fidration cup 

In the fidration cup, the states that are in the top 8 in senior national sports participate. In this there are 8 state teams of India. These tournaments are organized by Volleyball Fidration of India.

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